24+ Dark Blue Suit Brown Shoes Trends

Dark Blue Suit Brown Shoes. Don’t wear a patterned shirt either. A crisp, white dress shirt will create a flattering light/dark contrast in your outfit that demonstrates formality through the simplicity of the colors.

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If you’re wearing black slacks or a black suit, then your belt should be slim and unassuming. Choose your tie colors appropriately. Look for a leather belt.

But Keep In Mind That Brown Shoes Also Come In Different Shades, Everything From Mustard To Camel To Distressed To Dark Brown.

A dark blue suit and dark brown oxfords are all it takes for professional settings. Your shoes should be at least as dark as your suit. Recap of 8 blue suit and black shoes style tips:

A Crisp, White Dress Shirt Will Create A Flattering Light/Dark Contrast In Your Outfit That Demonstrates Formality Through The Simplicity Of The Colors.

If it works though, the blue suit with brown shoes gambit can propel you to the upper levels of fashion status at the office! The pinstriped suit is already so steezy; Their tonality can vary and you can find a blue to compliment almost any skin tone, unlike black which leaves many men looking washed.

Gray Is The Most Versatile Suit Color.

Charcoal thrives in cooler weather and formal, serious occasions. The general rule of thumb is, the darker the shoes the darker accessories, this includes shoes, socks, watches, glasses, and ties. Don’t wear a patterned shirt either.

Don’t Wear A Black Belt With Brown Boots.

Blue suit, brown shoes, on the other hand, involves a bit more risk. Brown shoes can be worn with black suits, but the shade of brown worn makes a big difference. Drop the tie if you want to go more casual.

When Paired With Brown Shoes, It Maintains Its Classic Look, But Is Bolder Than With Black Shoes.

Wear a white or blue dress shirt for a classic look. How to wear a gray suit with brown shoes. Again, black shoes will always look great with a navy suit.


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