Happy Holidays Vs Merry Christmas

There are many different holidays that fall during the month of December such as. Think of it this way.

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Two-thirds 67 of young adults age 18-29 compared to only 38 of seniors age 65 and older say it is better for businesses to greet customers with Happy Holidays as opposed to Merry Christmas A majority 54 of seniors say stores should greet patrons with Merry Christmas during the holiday season.

Happy holidays vs merry christmas. 47 say they should while 46 say they should not. Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays. Happy holidays is inclusive vs exclusive merry Christmas.

By saying happy holidays or merry Christmas or happy Christmas if youre weird or British youre wishing someone well. All in all regardless of whether you wish others a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays this time of year the true nature of the season is to be kind to one another and enjoy friends and family. So the effort to keep Christ in Christmas is actually an effort to Keep non-Christians out of Christmas.

Happy Holidays As the country becomes more diverse and less religiously affiliated Americans are divided over whether it is more appropriate for stores and businesses to greet customers with Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings instead of Merry Christmas out of respect for people of different religious faiths. While Happy Holidays has been deemed the politically correct greeting of the winter season there are many people who still prefer expressing cheer by saying Merry Christmas This is not as far of a reach as much of the media would have people believe since according to a 2011 Gallup poll 95 of Americans celebrate Christmas. Every year we send out an office Christmas Card to our clients partners and company friends.

If you live in an area with mostly Christians or if you know someone has a Menorah and not a Christmas tree you can generally feel safe with a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. Happy Holidays wishes someone a happy whatever holiday they celebrate. This time of year brands across the country are walking that fine line between celebrating the holidays and political correctness.

That is the very reason that many stores use Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas because they want to be inclusive and welcome as many dollars ahem people into their stores as possible. Also I suppose you also abstain from Columbus day sales St Patricks day fun St Valentines day love Halloween hijinks and Fourth of July barbecues and fireworks to spare the illegal immigrants feelings. You may have noticed that some people dont celebrate Christmas.

Damien Moshman Senior Opinion Editor January 23 2019 A person is standing in line at a store paying for their goods. However Merry Christmas does not include other holidays. Merry Christmas is to wish someone a happy and joyful Christmas.

Yes we should prefer Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays because it is more expressive of the truth we are celebrating. While Merry Christmas has been a largely common greeting during the holiday season many have begun to transition to a new phrase Happy Holidays. I see it as a way to wish people well on all of the holidays they celebrate this time of year a shorter way to say Have a Merry ChristmasHanukkahRamadan and a Happy New Year I dont think its overpandering to political correctness.

So I see absolutely nothing wrong saying Happy Holidays even to somebody who celebrates Christmas. Wishing someone Merry Christmas has never been an issue for me but then again happy holidays has never been an issue for me either. I never say happy holidays to be politically correct.

Happy Holidays By Russell Heimlich When given the option of hearing Merry Christmas or a less religious greeting like Happy Holidays in stores and businesses Americans choose Merry Christmas by a 60-to-23 margin. I simply say it because I mean it. They say that Christmas is getting lost in an effort to act more PC politically correct.

Companies under pressure to avoid alienating their customer base have made decisions to go with a generic message. Answer 1 of 16. But what if you want to say Hi.

Happy holidays is my go-to these days since theres more than one holiday to be happy about. Comparatively the most aggressive Happy Holiday-ers live in the following states. Merry Christmas vs.

So using Happy Holidays is not anti-Christmas it is pro-business and. Most liberal Americans already agree when it comes to Merry Christmas but somehow Happy Holidays is a step too far. Merry Christmas seems somewhat limiting to me.

Having been raised in a household which celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas this has always interested me. Happy Holidays includes Christmas as one of those holidays and Merry Christmas leaves out everything other than Christmas. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Happy Christmas can still work to convey sincere good wishes of course if you know your audience.

Happy Holidays compared to Merry Christmas. The phrase Happy holidays ignores non-believers Muslims Buddists and a handful of other religions I mentioned and cited in R1 The phrase Merry Christmas ignores non-believers Muslims Buddhists Jews and other religions too. The term Happy Holidays is inclusive of Merry Christmas and Christians.

These are cheers often heard almost everywhere towards the end of a year. So Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Happy Hanukkah Happy Kwanzaa Happy. Posted December 23 2014 by Emily Adams.

But Merry Christmas will only regain its meaning if we live. Happy holidays includes more religions than Merry Christmas which is why it is better. Over the past few years more brands have shifted towards generic greetings Happy Holidays.

This is the first year it said Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas Some people in my office seemed to be a little upset about that. However over the years messages have changed from Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas vs.

Hanukkah Kwanzaa New Years and Christmas. As they walk out of the store goods in hand the cheery cashier says a hearty Merry Christmas Should the person be offended. Youre expressing your wish for someone to be happy or merry on a specific occasion.

The ruckus around whether to say Merry Christmas or Happy holidays usually starts at the end of Thanksgiving as retailers take down the turkeys with pilgrim hats and hang wreaths instead.

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