Female Zodiac Body Shape

Many blogs also interchangeably use the terms body type and body shape Read on to know about the different body shapes and types and understand which. A research study confirms that womens body shapes broadly fall under five categories.

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Determining Zodiac Signs Physical Characteristics Aries March 21 April 19 You have a strong and rugged appearance with prominent brows nose chin and mouth.

Female zodiac body shape. Ruled by Mercury planet Gemini women are sharp and witty which greatly attracts most men. Both Sagittarius men and women tend to have long and well-shaped legs. Yes as a woman ages the concentrations of hormones in her body will alter causing her body shape to change.

Priyanka Chopra Katrina Kaif and Karishma Kapoor are the actresses who share this zodiac sign. An Arian woman can seduce you with her long legs that can sweep you off your feet especially when she wears high heels. Gemini 21 May-21 June The Twins are graceful and have an expressive face with small doll-like features.

Both male and female often claim near seamless white teeth. Their body shape and build can vary though they are usually not very tall and tend to be a bit stocky or sturdy. Aquarius girls are known to.

Any other body shape is either a mix of two body shapes or a synonym of the five body shapes. Usually the water bearer inclines to be tall with long legs high forehead and prominent hips. The men struggle with an abundantly endowed hairy body.

They have to stand firmly on the ground thats why their legs are so gorgeous and powerful. You have fair or red hair. THE GEMINI BODY PART This sign rule the arms lungs shoulders hands fingers and nervous system.

This is where the body splits into two in line with the dual nature of the Twins. While Taurus women unfortunately tend to gain weight easily. Libras body parts include kidneys skin lower back buttocks.

All their extra weight will go right to their middle which is pretty. Gemini also governs the respiratory and nervous system so those born under this sign can. Your body is often lean and slender and eyes that penetrate those who look into them.

Virgo which is depicted as the girl in the zodiac sign has the body features which makes a woman irresistible to the opposite gender. A Virgos thighs and buttocks are the best features that they show. Capricorns are leaders and the elders of the Zodiac family.

The female Capricorn usually has a small well-shaped body with tiny ankles and little feet. Body Shape and Build. They did not get as lucky as their female counterparts about where they carry their weight though.

They have very long legs and arms. Libra men tend to have handsome faces with good bone structure and graceful athletic bodies. The Colors of Zodiac Signs.

Their legs are usually luxurious and smooth worthy of mentioning in a Hollywood movie. They have the broad shoulder. The Bulls are muscular and attractive having dark hair and eyes.

5 Scorpio – Erogenous Zone. Like female Geminis the guys are also slender and tall naturally. Your bodies are warm and they can handle a lot of stress without getting ill.

Thats why Arian women often show off their long legs in an evening gown or even a short skirt that they wear on a night out with their friends. Since Libra is all about balance a typical Libra will have sweet cheeks possibly with dimples to match their voluptuous lower half giving them that coveted hourglass shape. The first changes occur at puberty.

A Scorpio will always have a noticeable nose and nicely arched eyebrows. Each zodiac sign has body parts that go with it. The sexiest parts of their body are their breasts that give men the most enticing pleasure.

They are graceful and coordinated as they are described to have a buoyant walk. Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 Sagittarius is what you might call pear-shaped Theyre lean above the waist but store their weight in their lower half. Men love girls who have a nice buttock and thighs are just as important but the same is true for the opposite gender as well.

Libra women are often slim yet curvy with large eyes and delicate noses with slightly flared nostrils. For example a 2004 study reported that descriptions of female bodies have historically been described in categories based on shapes such as triangle rectangle diamond oval and hourglass. Although the archetypal breast round and full with a small point at the nipple is considered standard there are countless variations in breast shape areola size and nipple color.

They love body hugging outfits mostly velvet and silk fabrics. Aquarius The Water Bearer. You are average height with a strong bone structure.

Also likely to be very tall. Pre-pubescent boys and girls have a similar hip-waist ratio but the large amounts of estrogen produced at the onset of puberty cause a females hips to widen and breasts to develop. Ruled by Venus the planet of love its no wonder these adorable princes and princesses enjoy tushes cute enough to pinch.

Their bodies are usually plump or well rounded and unfortunately this is a sign that is obesity prone due to their tendency to be very emotional as well as to go to extremes overeating and eating for emotional reasons is common. This zodiac sign is known as someone who has a perfect body but her legs are her most beautiful body part.

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