Exercises For Sore Calf Muscles

It will require a step. Stretching should be done regularly but a good routine to follow before participating in a physical activity is to warm up beforehand and then cool down after.

6 Easy Calf Stretches Free Printable Calf Stretches Stretch Calf Muscles Stretch Routine

After you warm up with some cardio exercise do some static stretches for your calf muscles.

Exercises for sore calf muscles. Do some light cardio exercise. Add an extra 1 or 2 repetitions every few days as long as you feel comfortable. Hold these for about 30 seconds.

Or for a less expensive option invest in a foam roller for some self-myofascial release. Rolling out your calves can improve recovery time and ease tension in muscle tissue Braun explains. This warms up the muscles and makes them feel less stiff and sore.

Whether you have just started running in the last month or have been a runner for life there are some muscles that can tighten up and cause us so much pain with every step that we wonder whether we should even keep running or shut it down and rest. While the number of training days per week depends on a persons experience level and the type of training performed the American Council on Exercise recommends that beginners perform a moderate-intensity total-body workout two to three alternating days per week with specific muscle groups being trained only two times per week. Sit with your legs flat on the ground side by side pull your toes towards your chest.

A tennis or lacrosse ball can work well for smaller muscles. Should You Still Workout With Sore Calf Muscles. The Exercises You Need to be Doing to Prevent Injury.

Understanding where your soreness stems from can help you. 1 Resistance Drive Back. Start by doing 5 repetitions of each exercise 3 times a day.

In the early stages of a sore calf muscle it is important to be careful not to overdo your stretching. These activities can be hard on the muscles and joints so warming up the muscles is the first step to preventing sore calves. Sore calves are a normal part of workouts like cycling running and playing sports.

This is by far the best stretch for your calf muscles because it works directly on your calf muscles targeting each leg separately. And it will require you to put all your weight on a single leg to stretch and warm up those gastrocnemius and soleus muscles before you begin your workout. For this reason I like to sit on the floor for this exercise with my back against the wall.

Calf Muscle Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Calf Strain Injury The following exercises are calf strain strengthening exercises intended to regain strength and mobility of the injured calf muscles and to prevent further injury.

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