Copper Press Fittings Vs Solder

I'd still prefer soldered fittings on 1/2 through 1 copper pipe since those solder quickly. The solder 90 is tight turn and is suppose to be type l, but i doubt it really is.

How To EASILY Braze Steel/Iron/Brass/Bronze/Copper

Typically, you can fix a bad solder joint (resolder), but not a propress joint.

Copper press fittings vs solder. Now, i'd say i repair/reno/overhaul about 35% of the time with copper on my jobs. These connectors house a sealing element that, when pressed, creates an even and reliable connection. I think the main advantage with the press is minimal training compared to solder.

In addition to the base labor units, phcc has calculated a set of suggested adjustment factors that take into account jobsite conditions such as scaffolding, multistory buildings, and the distance between the installation and material stockpile. There would be a cost savings in labor with the press fit system as compared to copper systems but the high cost of materials might offset the savings in labor. Egyptians used copper pipe somewhere around 2100 bc.

Both are proven systems that increase customer options for building or changing copper systems in their facility. Copper fittings don’t require a highly skilled plumber to create a connection. Although the cost of a press fitting is typically four to five times more than the cost of a traditional copper sweat fitting, the savings in labor (no cleaning, fluxing, heating or solder) far outweighs the price difference.

Here are some quality features the nibco press system can offer you: Cast alloy pressure fittings are available in all standard tube sizes and in a limited variety of types to cover needs for plumbing and mechanical. You can actually have water flowing out of a pipe at full blast and shut it off using a press tool!

The time difference alone from soldered to quick connect translate from hours to minutes. The steam and water don’t allow the pipe to get hot enough to melt the solder. Soldered and push connect ® fittings for copper pipe.

With solder, it is much easier to manipulate your fittings for a nice looking job. View profile view forum posts. The differences between quick push connect ® probite ® plumbing fittings and soldering make two extremely different ways of connecting pipe.

Nibco uses 99.9% globally sourced pure virgin copper. There’s another huge advantage when it comes to press fittings. The advantages of viega propress extend to installation speed as well.

As well as the saved labor costs. The pioneer of press fittings, viega’s propress fittings have provided a strong alternative to traditional connections since their introduction in 1989 and now see over a million installations a day. Available in hundreds of configurations and sizes ranging from ½” to 4” propress fittings are suitable for potable water, hot and cold water, heating, gas, solar, fire protection, and many more systems.

Copper press fitting is a flameless alternative to soldering copper pipe connections. The flameless press technology also eliminates the need for burn permits or fire watches that can stall productivity and introduce safety concerns. With the press system, secure pipe.

That said, there are a lot of o ring sealed fittings out there, with a very, very low failure rate. So you can save the labor cost and don’t need to worry about their skills. 1989 is when viega developed press technology.

Here's a list of some of the features you could be taking advantage of while using nibco press: Pex is cheapest but when you get into using the plastic fittings i question the overall life vs copper. I think the 1940 were about when soldered copper became the go to connection.

In this system, a hydraulic tool is used to press specially designed connectors to join traditional pipes. Otherwise it's blacksteel or wirsbo/aquapex so i don't solder on every job, as much as it's my favourite part! Although soldering was a very common way of connecting piping,.

Having a manufacturing facility in stuarts draft, virginia results in fast and superior service. That being said, for the uninformed client, i could probably install propress over soldered fittings and they'd be. If your gun is not correctly situated, you will ruin the fitting when you press it and need to cut out that fitting, and possibly several others, depending on the proximity of other fittings.

Soldering dates back 5000 years or so. The quality of press products is important. Cerropress® is designed with plumbers and mechanical contractors in mind.

Copper press fittings save money and time. (no fire watch etc) only time i've seen them leak is when the copper has something on it that didn't get cleaned off. The propress fittings are more expensive, but go in much faster and are great for circ systems due to the long radius.

Discussion starter · #1 · nov 25, 2016. The propress 90 is a long radius and heavier than type k copper. Solder can and does fail sometimes (cracks, etc.), but i still trust it more than an o ring seal.

Press applications cut installation time by over 50% vs solder fittings without sacrificing quality. The fittings for a press fit system are more expensive and a special tool is required for installation. 0.369 hour to press fit.

0.103 hour to press fit. Soldering see a propress 90 and a solder 90 up close. The fittings are little more expensive but the time and reliability makes up.

You can’t solder a copper pipe that’s got water in it.

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